WWC is a full service contract fabricator of component parts and assemblies manufactured from a wide range of materials. Our 45+ full time employees respond to today's business environment with dedication and value-added technology to provide our customers with products of consistent quality, delivered on time.

Products include cut-to-size components from engineered, composite and plywood panels as well as high pressure laminates and polymer sheet materials.

WWC utilizes foil membrane press technology to create 3D profiles normally requiring separate edge molding treatment. 3D printed polymer parts are available in lieu of precision cut polymer parts.

WWC’s thermoforming operations form plastic products for various industries. If your RFQ is not best suited for equipment and processes found at WWC, we can turn to the complimentary services such as pressure forming available at sister company, CPI!

Seamless vinyl upholstery for recreational and sport vehicle market, ATV, utility vehicle, emergency medical and health care industries, and complete cushions are available from our GR Golf division.

Precision Cut

Cut-to-size component parts and assemblies from engineered, composite and plywood panels, high pressure laminates and plastics.


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Ideal for prototype development and low to mid volume production due to its relatively low tooling and engineering costs and fast turnaround time.


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Full Service Contract Fabricator

Component Parts and Assemblies

manufactured from a wide range of

Wood and Plastics

Membrane Pressed

Thermo lamination technology to seamlessly form thermoplastic 3d laminates such as KYDEX®'s HD, XD, WG, OMNOVA®'s surf(x), EFX or other thermo foils.


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3D Printed

3D printing is a highly versatile and powerful tool that can be utilized in various manufacturing applications.


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