CNC 3 and 5 axiS cutting

WWC is a contract manufacturer producing any wood or plastic component you need; from raw component machining to fully assembled products. This includes cut-to-size component parts and assemblies from engineered, composite and plywood panels as well as high pressure laminates and plastics. From creating commercial display fixtures to seating substrates and custom components, WWC provides customers with the highest level of quality, consistency, and continuous improvement.

We utilize automated CNC equipment. CNC routing is a fabrication process that involves programming a piece of equipment to cut and drill sheets of material into defined profiles. This is a great method for producing precisely the same item every time. We excel at production manufacturing, especially with individual machined parts machined to exact specifications. Products can be cut directly from a CAD file or the CAD can be created with our CAD design team. We are able to assist in the design of products, as well as manufacturing products already designed.

Value Added Solutions

precision cut part
membrane press laminate
banding machine


Precision Cut Parts often require secondary value added processes. This includes edgebanding, assembly and/or the installation of hardware like latches, pulls and hinges, inserts such as t-nuts, cosmetic or support pieces.

Some complex cut to size part designs are better suited for 3D Printing .

3 Axis Cutting

3 Axis cut part
3 Axis cutting
3 Axis cnc router

5 Axis Cutting

5 Axis cut part
5 Axis cutting
5 Axis cnc router