This featured product is a CNC routed component which will become a wooden top on a nesting table. It consists of a moisture resistant MDF with laminate on 1 side. This product gets a stain applied to the rounded edges and the bottom side has a light brown paper backer. When this component leaves WWC it is attached to a powder coated metal frame and its end use is a floral display.

Moisture resistant MDF has special properties which make it suitable for interior applications where there is the risk of occasional wetting or prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity. It can be used for sink bases, dishwasher enclosures, institutional hospital casework and counters, display fixtures, store fixtures and various other applications such as laboratories, locker rooms, laundry areas and cafeterias of schools. Its low thickness swell properties and smooth surface make it an ideal substrate for thin paper and foil, specially when used with water based adhesives.
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