Our company name, Wurm's Woodworking, does not hint at all that we do! WWC has worked with plastic materials since the 1980s. This product, shown in its end use, is a plastic diffuser thermoformed from a custom white, fire-rated rigid acrylic/PVC material.

Diffusers can be found on the rear and side walls in band and choral rehearsal rooms, music performance spaces, lecture spaces and auditoriums. Diffusers are also found in lay-in 15/16" standard grid ceilings like pictured above. Sometimes you may see these painted or covered in fabric. Shaped surfaces break up direct sound reflections and disburse them more evenly throughout a listening space. Random disbursement of sound reflections greatly improves sound quality and consistency for the listener.

Fire-rated acrylic/PVC material is also used in other industrial end use applications such as trays, tote boxes, ducts, flumes, tanks and sinks and in electronics such as processing terminals, hand-held monitors, GPS housings and enclosure components.
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