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This featured product is a sleeper bunk step pad produced by WWC using medium-density fiberboard. MDF is an engineered composite made up of wood fibers. MDF is composed of small wood fibers so there are no visible wood grain, rings or knots. In many applications, MDF is a suitable substitute for plywood. There is a MDF panel to suite needs from standard MDF to moisture resistant MDF to flame retardant MDF to no-added formaldehyde (NAF) MDF.

•Low Cost
•Very Smooth, No Splinters
•Easy to Paint

•MDF is Dense, Making it Heavy
•Cannot Be Stained
•Can Dull Blades Quickly

Super refined MDF panels are ideal for WWC's valued added 3d lamination process. This step pad has a membrane pressed metallic print film applied. Contact WWC today for all of your membrane pressed needs including office products, cabinetry, furniture, media storage, safety, medical and other specialized applications.
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