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Fabrication of King® Plastic Polymer Sheet
Since the 1980s, WWC has fabricated cut to size parts and assemblies using polymer sheets. The King StarBoard® family of polymer sheets has changed the way WWC customers think about their designs. Its rich factory finish, immunity from rotting and environmental stabilization have opened up a world of innovation that traditional building materials simply can’t match. Now, it’s bringing marine-grade toughness to the building trades market.

Common applications include:
• Amusement Parks
• Laboratories
• Medical Facilities
• Marine/RV Applications
• Outdoor Furniture
• Outdoor Kitchens
• Pet Facilities
• Pool Areas
• RTA Furniture
• Schools
• Store Fixtures/Displays
• Wet and Moist Areas

Let our CNC routers work hard so you don't have using materials such as King StarBoard®.
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